Q: How far is the nearest beach?

A: The nearest beach is the Playa Pelada, it takes about 15 minutes by car. To the famous surfing beach Playa Guiones you need 5 minutes more.

Q: Travel time to other beaches?

A:  Playa Guiones: 20 min

Playa Garza: 25 min

Playa Boca Quebrada: 35 min

Playa Samara: 40 min

Playa Ostional: 35

Playa Sanjuanillo: 45 min

Q: How long is the travel time from the airport to the Finca Austria?

A: From airport Juan Santamaría International Airport, San Jose approx. 4.5 hours, about 2.5 hours from Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport, Liberia


Q: Transfers from the airport to Finca Austria?

A: Either by plane from Nature Air, taxi (bus), car rental or public bus.

If you need any help for reservation don’t hesitate to contact us.

In Nosara our guests meet our finca manager Christoph in our "Cafe del Sol" which is located just across the street opposite the airport Nosara.

If you want to come by helicopter, you can land directly on our own resort soccer field.

Q: Can i book a chef?

A: Our chef Toni is pleased to pamper our guests and to fulfill their wishes.

Q: Can I choose the menu?

A: Of course. We will organize your dinner as you wish.

Q: Can I book a breakfast?

A: Yes, this service is offered at the Casa Colibri and Villa Mariposa. In the Jungle Lodge and Mango Cottage we offer fresh bread service from our own bakery.

Q: Do i always have to book an entire Finca?

A: At Casa Colibri the Family Suite for 4 people and the Honeymoon Suite for 2 people are available for seperate bookings. (Not during Christmas and Eastern).

Q: Is there horse riding available directly at the Finca Austria?

A: Our partner for horse riding is www.playaponies.com. You can do some training or do a ride at the beach or through the rainforest. Moreover www.equisolretreats.com offers riding weeks with different themes on the Finca Austria

Q: Do i need a car?

A: Yes, we do recommend that. To enjoy the spirit of Finca Austria and its surroundings you should be mobile. Going to the different beaches, to the village or to restaurants we recommend a four-wheel-drive-car or a quad. These vehicles can be booked at the Finca, but you can also reserve it before your arrival. Sometimes during the main season please be aware that no cars are available (or your preferred car). We are happy to assist, if you need any help booking a car.

Q: Do I have to plan my activities from home?

A: If you already know some points on your holiday adventure list that you want to do for sure, please let us know in advance, then we will reserve them for you. However, most activities can be planned on the Finca – depending on your daily mood and activity level.

Q: Is there a contact in my language?

A: Our Finca Austria Manager Christoph speaks English, Spanish and German fluently.

Q: Where is the nearest hospital?

A: In Nicoya, which is 75 minutes by car

Q: Where is the nearest doctor?

A: In the village, 10 minutes away

Q: Which activities are offered around Nosara?

A: Horseback riding, hiking, kayaking, canopy, surfing, soccer, tennis, mountain biking, fishing, ...

Q: Is there a babysitter?

A: Yes, please inform us in advance to organize

Q: How far is it to the turtle beach?

A: Playa Ostional the famous turtle nestimg beach is approximately 35 minutes away by car. Turtles nest at Ostional year round, but peak time is during rainy season. From August through December arribadas occur regularly once, sometimes even twice a month. We always have good information, whether driving there is “vale la pena” (worth the effort)!!

Q: When is the best time to travel?

A: Every time of the year has its particular atmosphere and it is difficult to guess what you like most…a little orientation:

December till end of April: dry season - is generally the busiest time of the year. At the end of the time period also the surrounding flora gets very dry.

May to August: moderate rainy season - rain pattern similar to Florida with some late morning and afternoon showers with occasional thunder storms. Nature is going back to green and butterflies start to arrive at the Finca Austria.

September and October: during those two months the region gets most of its rainfall – that does not mean that it rains all the time. Even completely sunny days are possible – but rare. One can enjoy the lush vegetation, many butterflies and some impressing thunderstorms.

Q: How far are the restaurants and bars?

A: From Finca Austria you need about 10 minutes to Nosara town airport, about 15 to Playa Pelada, and about 20 minutes to the “American project”(direction Guiones). You have plenty of restaurants in that area in between.

Q: Can I book the facility for sporting events?

A: Of course! We already hosted tennis tournaments, official soccer games (2012 our team did win the Costa Rican Amateur championship), we have horse riding facilities, 5 against 5 soccer, multi sports events, music festivals - we are host to the CARICACO concert, and whatever you like to organize let us know – if it is doable- we can make it happen!